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How To Register Your Child For School In Churchill Meadows Of Mississauga

How To Register Your Child In School

Parents are always concerned about education of their children. They should get the information in advance about schools admission, and transportation criteria if they are planning to move into new place for any reason such as buying home, renting the property, and immigrating to Canada. The Peel District School Board and Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board have some requirements to register child for school and his qualification to get school bus.

Here are some helpful information about registration criteria of Schools in Churchill Meadows of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

1. Find The School Of Your Child :

School boards have  designed different neighbourhood attendance boundary maps and students are enrolled in schools according to those maps. Sometimes, identical grade students living on same street go to different schools that is why it would be wise to locate the school of your child first instead of making assumption. If you know the address of your expected residence then you can find the name and contact information of school for your child. Check out the following link.

Find school of your child

2. Find If Your Child Is Eligible For School Bus :

Student Transportation Of Peel Region (STOPR) administers the transportation services for students who live in region of Peel (Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon). Students can get school bus if minimum distance between their residence and school is as follows :

Kindergarten Students : 1.0 Km.
Grade 1 to 4 Students   :  1.6 Km.
Grade 5 to 6 Students   :  2.0 Km.
Grade 7 to 8 Students   :  3.2 Km.
Grade 9 to 12 Students :  4.8 Km.

Click here to find the eligibility of your child for school bus

3. Required Documents For School Registration :

 You will need to produce supporting documents to prove child’s age, address, and immunization record. Following documents would be acceptable for school registration.

  • Proof Of Child’s Age (Canadian birth certificate/passport/permanent resident (PR) card/record of landing/refugee permit/work permit)
  • Proof Of Address (Agreement Of Purchase and Sale/Bank or Credit Card Statement/Ontario Driver’s Licence/Utility Bills)
  • Proof Of Immunization (Immunization Card/Any document to prove that your child has been vaccinated)

Contact school boards on following numbers for further information.

Peel District School Board : 905 890 1010 Extension 2212
Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board : 905 890 0708 Extensions 24511/24512/24519

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